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Dear Owners

We (Souri Village Crete, the developer) have recently completed the sale of the last remaining property at Souri Village. As the company is now in the process of closure, we must now pass on the handling of community fees and communal utilities to the owners directly.

To make this transition process as smooth as possible without any risk of disruption to the power and water supply to the pool and common areas while the utilities accounts are taken out of the company’s control. We have arranged for the onsite management (Frank at Villa B2) to handle the collection of community fees as well as to manage the onsite communal utilities (water and electric meters) on behalf of all the owners, but only on a temporary basis.

At the end of the season, the onsite management will initiate a vote whereby all owners can have a say as to who is treasurer and nominated representative to handle the communal utilities meters for the site going forward.

Souri Village Crete will pay the utilities to 30th June 2023

How this affects you:

We will no longer collect the community fees. PLEASE DO NOT PAY SOURI VILLAGE CRETE going forward.

The only difference is to whom you pay the community fees. Frank has set up a separate account just for this purpose.

The new account detail is as follows:

Account holder: Francis Murphy


IBAN: BE88 9676 6927 8441

Bank's address: Avenue Louise 54, Room S52, Brussels 1050, Belgium

Email contact for Frank is

This email address is to be used only in connection to community fees.

During this transition period you should pay your community fees starting from 1st July 2023.

85 euros monthly or 255 euros quarterly

You can pay into this account from any bank account, please make sure in the payment reference to put your name follow by Villa number exactly in this format (for example: Your Name D2)

Please note that each owner owns 1/18 of the communal / pool areas and is therefore legally responsible for 1/18 of the water and electric bills. Frank is only acting as the nominated representative on behalf of all the owners as it is not possible to put 18 names on the utilities accounts.

There are no other changes.


For those of you who use Fiona to service your properties, this is a completely separate matter and you should continue to contact her in the usual manner, either by phone or via email at This email address is only to be used in connection to on site services and not for community fee enquiries

Many thanks




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